Double Eagle Award

What is the Double Eagle Award?

The Double Eagle Award recognizes those members who are active and participate in the various activities and functions of the Greenville Valley. It is available to all members, and the only requirement is your participation. And it’s so easy! Just keep track of your points, and turn them in!

What Awards are available?

The first 500 points earns you the basic medal.

You will receive corresponding bars as you reach each level for additional points earned.

Points Award Levels

You will receive corresponding bars as you reach each level for additional points earned:

LevelPoints needed
Basic Medal500
Red bar2,000
White bar5,000
Blue Bar10,000
Gold Name Bar25,000
Emerald Stone50,000
Ruby Gem75,000
Diamond Jewel100,000

Note that points are cumulative.

What Points can I report?

First, determine the points you have earned.

Here are two forms you can use to keep track of your points as you earn them:

Points Examples

Below are examples of awarded points. Please use this as a guide when providing your points earned.

Degree Parts Non-Speaking PartsPoints
Top Line Signers for New Members100
2nd Line Signers for New Members25
Monthly Meetings Attended (per meeting)10
Attend 5 Meetings and/or Degrees (Bonus)100
Executive Committee Meeting(s)10
Presiding Officer (per meeting)25
Secretary /Treasurer/ Almoner (per meeting)10
J. I. Smith Board (Chair)25
J. I. Smith Board (Attend)10
Knights of St. Andrew Meeting10
Director of kitchen staff (+10 per hour)500
Kitchen support (+10 per hour)250
Director of Work (+10 per hour)500
Assistant Director (s) of Work (+10 per hour)250
Class Director & Assistants (+10 per hour)250
Director of Support Areas (+10 per hour)250
Asst. Director(s) of Support Areas (+10 per hour)250
Lighting /Sound /Stage Direction (+ 10 per hour)250
Degree Parts Masters100
Degree Parts Major75
Degree Parts Minor50
Degree Parts Non Speaking Parts25
Presiding Officer (per meeting)25
Secretary /Treasurer/Almoner (per meeting)10
Master Craftsman Courses 1 & II & III (each)500
Ceremony of Remembrance & Renewal25
Presenting ROTC Awards100
Ring Ceremony25
Work Parties (per hour)50
Christmas Tree Sales (per hour)50
BBQ/Fundraiser (attend)10
BBQ/Fundraiser (per dollar sold)10
Fruit Sale (participate)10
Fruit Sale (per dollar sold)1
Contribution to Foundation or Event (per dollar)1
Event Director or Chairman100
Event Director or Chairman ( per hour)10
Assistant Event Director or Chairman50
Assistant Event Director or Chairman (per hour)10

Report my Points!

Next, report the Points to our Double Eagle Awards Chairman.

Report your Points

Complete this form to report your earned points.

If you need to report more Point entries than this form provides, please submit a second form.